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Yoga Bodhi

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Yoga Bodhi
Marblehead Massachusetts 01945





 Mondays, 9:30-10:30 am

"Coming Back to Yoga"

This is a therapeutic class for students who have been away from Yoga due to life circumstances, injury, post surgery, etc . The class is designed for students to feel safe to explore their bodies from a new, non judgemental perspective, reconnecting to their bodies and self in a compassionte way.


Mondays- All levels

6-7 pm


Tuesdays- All levels: 

9-10:30 am

7-8:15 pm 


Wednesdays-All levels:

7-8:15 pm  



9:30-10:30am Gentle Yoga


 Yoga Study, Meditation & Stress Relief Class

6-7:15 pm  



9-10 am Gentle Yoga 

New session begins Sept. 21st.

If interested, email me at: elizosheayoga@gmail.com

to reserve a spot in this popular class!

These are small intimate classes for students who are ready to commit to a practice of Yoga. Students are encouraged to work at their own capacity. Quality instruction and special attention is given to fulfill each student's personal needs. If you do have an injury or a physical limitation, please email me ahead and let me know so I can best serve you in the class.

(maximum of 6 students)

If the class you are interested in is full, let me know. I can put you on

the "wait list" if it opens up in the future!


~Private Yoga sessions by appointment~

     For students with physical limitations, those wanting a customized

        Yoga program and seasoned practitioners wanting to move

           to the next level in their practice.


        Yoga Therapy offered for: 

Back issues, scoliosis, sacroilliac discomfort, shoulder issues, depression & anxiety

 Life in Alignment Coaching

is designed to help you live life more fully, with meaning, purpose and joy!

Align your values and heart's desire  to reach your fullest potential.

As a coach, I will help guide you to see the “forest from the trees" and develop clarity by learning what's most important to you as well as how to implement necessary actions to bring your innermost dreams to fruition!

For more information visit: www.lifeinalignmentnow.com




Learn the principles of yoga based on BKS Iyengar's fundamentals of alignment, sequencing, methodology and modifications in Asana study as well as Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Sutra Study and Anatomy in Asana.  Designed to support and enhance all styles of yoga. Yoga Teachers. aspiring teachers & dedicated students welcome.

 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered program

If you would like to meet with me personally to get more information about the program,

please email me at: elizosheayoga@gmail.com

(see side panel for details of the program)

Other Services offered:


HYPNOTHERAPY  for Anxiety, Depression, Confidence.
Sessions by appointment.



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Hypnotic Yoga for Releasing Anxiety!

Life in Alignment Coaching





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