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Victor's Yoga

Victor Oppenheimer
Iyengar Style Yoga Certification

I have studied yoga directly with yoga master Sri BKS Iyengar at his institute in Pune, India on alternate years for over twenty years.

I have been certified to teach in his style directly by Sri Iyengar. I have been teaching yoga classes and training yoga teachers in the US and abroad for more than twenty years.

I have conducted workshops and teacher trainings in Scotland, St. Lucia in the Caribbean, Mexico and Peru.

Yoga has been a source of joy and added a level of depth and balance to my life for many years.  It is a privilege and an honor to be able to share this work with others.

I am one of the founders of the Yoga.com and the Yogisource.com websites.


Email Victor Oppenheimer at victor@yogisource.com.


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Victor's Yoga
87 Fresh Pond Parkway
Cambridge Massachusetts 02138




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