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Jesus, God and Enlightenment
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Yogi Nils
Posted 2010-07-02 11:57 AM (#123844)
Subject: Jesus, God and Enlightenment


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Location: Germany
(Discussion in an atheist forum in June 2010)

Rafa: I believe Jesus was not enlightened, because him lacked the necessary composure. Composure is an essential feature of the Enlightenment.

Nils: Jesus was enlightened. The point of composure you did not fully understood. Enlightened can also be very angry. Although composure (inner peace) is their base. On this basis also a very dynamic action is possible.

Who is enlightened, is associated with a higher dimension in the cosmos. And so with tremendously powerful energy that can be expressed as strong emotions. These energies are difficult to control by an untrained enlightened. It is therefore important to move forward slowly on the way to enlightenment and be controlled in thought and action (mindfulness practice). If you suddenly break through to Enlightenment as Eckhart Tolle, it may take you many years before you can control the powerful energies.

Enlightenment does not mean that one has to be perfect. Important only is to fully accept his imperfection.

I see enlightenment as a gradual process with many stages of enlightenment. The first stage already is peace, happiness and love in yourself and to feel in harmony with yourself self and with your world.

Rafa: What are the reasons for your assumption that Jesus was enlightened?

Nils: The enlightenment of Jesus I see mostly in his teachings. I have compared the statements of the Sermon on the Mount with my enlightenment experiences and found a match. Furthermore, Jesus got enlightenment energy from John the Baptist, so that he could meditate four weeks without food and water in the desert.

Rafa: The word "fast" in the Bible does not mean that the person has not eaten or drunk. It only means that his food intake was restricted to certain foods and smaller quantities.

Nils: Jesus went to John at the Jordan to be baptized by him. When Jesus was baptized, the sky opend above him. The spirit of God came down as a dove and went into him. His inner voice then led Jesus into the desert. He sat down and meditated. "And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was hungry." Then the devil appeared to him and tried him. Jesus said, "Man does not live by bread alone, but above all by the Word of God (Nils: the doctrine of inner happiness)." The devil tempted him twice more, then he left him. And the angels came to him and served him.

What does this mean? In Buddha's enlightenment, we find a similar statement. Buddha sat under his tree and let his thoughts and feelings pass. Mara appeared, lured him with beautiful women, and threatened him with fear thoughts. But Buddha concentrated himself on the path of inner happiness. He stretched a hand to the ground (sacrificed his ego) and Mara disappeared.

The devil is a symbol of the ego. The ego is the core of worldly desires. In spirit, there is a permanent tension that dissolve people from enlightenment, the awakening of inner happiness is hindert. Bevor strong internal tensions disappear, they fight back vigorously once again. They create strong feelings of displeasure against the spiritual path. The secular wishes flit that they are more important than a life in the light. They appear as a big tempter.

Inner tensions can be resolved through wisdom (positive thoughts) and through meditation (sitting, walking, thought rest). At some point the ego dissolves and a unity consciousness appears. One feels as one with the world and all beings. Due to the deep inner relaxation, the subtle energy of the cosmos flow into a man. He feels peace (the dove), strength, happiness (angels) and the light of God (the Holy Spirit) around him. He lives in the light. He is a saint, he has become an Enlightened One.

The angels point to the Holy Spirit. The enlightened one has God's light (enlightenment energy) within himself and can act with it. The angels (the energy of God) serve him. He dominate the enlightenment, and can help his neighbors with it. Jesus went after his enlightenment to his people and told them of the happy life in God.

Fasting usually means a reduction of food intake. Yogi Prahlad Jani has eaten and drunk nothing. He says he can continuously meditate day and night up to three months in his cave without sleeping, eating and drinking. If we assume with the Indian doctors (May 2010) that Prahlad Jani can live without food, it is likely that Jesus also could do this. Jesus was, in my opinion so strongly absorbed in his enlightenment energy that he had four weeks no need for food or drink. Then his worldly needs awoke.

Fasting in the Bible can interpretated so that people came to Jesus in the desert and gave him a little to eat and to drink. The standard evangelical commentary by Fritz Rienecker (The Gospel of Matthew) says that Jesus had a complete dining abstention. "From the fasting ordered by the cult, only the day is affected. In the night eating is allowed. The Bible mentioned days and nights, so that we have to think Jesus had a total abstinence of food."

Here we are not in focus of the fasting ability of Jesus, but his enlightenment. I note that the Bible describes the typical steps of enlightenment. First the transfer of enlightenment energy through an enlightened master, second the blissful stay in the enlightenment energy and the dissolution of the ego, and third the start to work as an enlightened teacher. Enlightened Ones feel one with all beings. They see the suffering of their fellow men and want to help them. They therefore work after their enlightenment for the enlightenment of their fellow man and the whole world.


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Posted 2010-07-02 3:34 PM (#123848 - in reply to #123844)
Subject: RE: Jesus, God and Enlightenment

Are you an "enlightened Master"?
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Posted 2010-07-02 6:30 PM (#123863 - in reply to #123848)
Subject: RE: Jesus, God and Enlightenment

Extreme Veteran

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Location: Washington DC
Wow! I was also thinking of asking this question to Nils...
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Yogi Nils
Posted 2010-07-03 8:50 AM (#123886 - in reply to #123848)
Subject: RE: Jesus, God and Enlightenment


Posts: 18

Location: Germany
jimg - 2010-07-02 3:34 PM
Nils, Are you an "enlightened Master"? Jim

Hello my friends, I have been living for 22 years as a departed Yogi in Germany. I often got some enlightenment experiences, but I am not permanently enlighted. In the moment I feel totaly unenlighted. That allows me to write in normal words, so that everybody can understand me and I can share my experiences with all. I think I'm just a small insignificant Yogi. My path to permanent enlightenment is long. Greeting Yogi Nils
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Posted 2010-12-05 5:41 PM (#126373 - in reply to #123844)
Subject: Re: Jesus, God and Enlightenment


Posts: 5

Location: nairobi, kenya.
yoga nils, thank you for including icon of jesus in your perfectly sensible explanation of his enlightenment.
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Posted 2014-01-27 9:48 PM (#211305 - in reply to #123844)
Subject: Re: Jesus, God and Enlightenment


Posts: 210
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
And enlightenment is very important at all because it clears out our minds and gives us knowledge to know the truth and the fact beyond our spiritual being.
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