Pilates Magic Circle
Posted 2009-10-09 4:13 PM (#118995)
Subject: Pilates Magic Circle

The Pilates Magic Circle is like the next level of pilates! If you've never used one, you should check it out, its a really easy and effective workout.

You can check out my page if you want to see some videos / info about it,

basically its like a metal ring that you compress between your arms / legs during a normal pilates (or yoga) routine. It makes the workout more effective but not really much harder.

I've always been in pretty good shape but the pilates magic circle (some people call it a pilates ring) is the best exercise I've ever been able to enjoy.

The ring itself is pretty cheap (no im not trying to sell them lol) and if you're into pilates I think its like the best accessory you can get!

Youtube has lots of great videos about them too.
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Posted 2011-04-18 3:59 AM (#208170 - in reply to #118995)
Subject: Re: Pilates Magic Circle


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Thanks for sharing this video of magic circle. It’s great to see. It is informative and nicely explains. People defiantly take a help to from this video to understand the Pilates.
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