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The board is actually a wood-based board. It is very common to use the board to make furniture. The appearance of the furniture made of the board is more modern, but the texture is worse than the solid wood. The furniture made of solid wood has a natural texture on the surface of the furniture, no matter from the craft, The structure and texture are very exquisite. Advantages and disadvantages of sheet and solid wood The advantages of the sheet are high and the mechanical properties are close to that of wood. Can achieve texture uniformity, no flaws. A full range of affordable prices. The material cost is low. Disadvantages Environmental protection is not good with solid wood. Can not make complex decorative shapes, carvings, etc. The advantages of solid wood are environmentally friendly and pollution-free. High strength and good carving. The decorative effect is good and the texture is clear. The disadvantages are poor stability, easy to deform, and will be affected by moisture content and temperature. There are natural such as tree knots, insect eyes and so on. There are differences in color, and wood imposition has a natural color difference. The loss during production is large.
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