He wants to shovel snowman just interrupted
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Subject: He wants to shovel snowman just interrupted


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?for the 15-story black hole might need a bit of time if there is no recovery CD can recover on the black ball go off of that to take a hammer and it beads up and down dislocation station with Lei Lei spin day strike attack the fire when it hit the floor when the lift hammer with beads Lei Lei Pa trick spin day break when the body move with the day break I feel the best and fastest way is to stand in front of it is not to stand too far away, with black, fire, ice wall to fight, when it held the hammer down when hit by day and then stand back to the original play, has been the cycle, so it will not be broken strokes of the hammer; then loaded onto the ground to remove landmines that strange, not to say the good fight, the last resort to the defense, the Cheap DFO Gold strange play defense when the defense can not afford to blood if it is far from it would have been the defense, but it does not leave it near the defense, so just Zhu Lei Lei can spin up and down the ice wall displacement layer directly place play 17 seconds put black hole, ignoring the (16 layer applied on the restoration of the black hole CD) finish and then build gas black ball, 18-story black hole has been circulating kick accumulator 18 Layer 4 upper spirit, there is no difficulty, how to play all OK, but on the attributes of grams of problems I am very depressed. . 19 layer group empty fish bone, direct black hole seconds 20 floors Caution! Zombies Zombies ignore a two ammo ammunition attack was a regular when he was knocked down or you'll go to the other side of the shovel or else go out on top mobile, if you approach him he'll run the other side of the air shot, anyway, is running around on both sides; give him a start to a fire + black, then put a snowman (if he wants to shovel snowman just interrupted) interrupted After he has to shovel, moves up and down the fire escape to then aimed his shovel past there. Find the law a good fight on the 21st floor to skip the ice wall + black + black basically completely destroyed. 22 layer is a group of dolls, risk index 0, but was thrown into the sky they will waste a lot of time to throw ice dark lines Lulu put the rest of the blood discharge polar ice ice wall black black rotary course, with focus groups for the 23-story hit the fastest serve black hole without difficulty --24 layer Note! First clean the spider, then clear Duwang - dark can remotely put ice polar ice, Duwang will not chase you stay away black fire but be careful, do not get off Duwang too, is about to hit no blood, another strange time soon cleared her not to put the black hole, the black hole in order to avoid the lower layer CD can not recover 25 Note! Can clearance in this closed, a scratch, a group of little dragon, little dragon has been very sick Spitfire interrupt skills that the Raptors will be infinitely small flames from scratch regardless of their kill to scratch on the clearance of the black hole directly into the storage well Be sure to put prospective scratch put observe the following trends from scratch.
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